About me

“Having many years of managing and mentoring others, I know the importance of both teamwork and loyalty.”

Vision, style and technology

As a senior creative design manager, I have a proven record of successfully delivering a range of digital, branding, print, and event solutions that exceed client expectations, achieve project goals, and hit deadlines.

My experience covers more than 20 years of diverse creative global design, in both large international and specialist boutique agencies working with industries including cosmetics, pharmacology and banking.

I am passionate about the future of design, always embracing new techniques, technologies, and new visual perspectives. More recently I have been exploring interactive 3D on the web as this brings a new level of visual possibilities for user interface/experience and knowledge transfer.

If you feel like connecting don’t hesitate to contact me on kellysimon@hotmail.com

Digital and branding design

As a senior designer, I have had extensive experience, working across digital web and app development, branding, advertising, and environmental event design.

Like all designers I love hands-on design, whether it’s html code or brand development. Along with that I also enjoy utilizing my project management skills, and keeping a close eye on project goals, and development.

3D Interactive web applications

This exciting new development area is something that I’m very interested in, and believe offers great opportunities to introduce new ways of demonstrating design creativity to both clients, and audiences.

It can inspire and capture people’s imagination, and provide unique environments to communicate and interact with.

Leadership & Mentoring

Through my years as a senior creative designer, I’ve been fortunate to help guide many new designers in developing their careers.

Helping others gain confidence, expand their skills, and express creative ideas has also helped me grow professionally and allows both myself and the teams I have worked with push the boundaries of client expectations.

A central part of my approach is being open to new ideas and ways of working. I always seek alternatives, and look to drive the design process forward by creating designs that delight both clients and their target audiences.